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Dr. Brett Wheatcroft, DC

Chattanooga Chiropractor – Dr. Brett L. Wheatcroft

For over 12 years, Dr. Wheatcroft has been treating back, neck and extremity pain for families in the Chattanooga area with a desire to see the entire family living healthy and active lives. In the past, all healthcare for every family was provided by one care-giver, and the benefits were astounding. Knowing the medical history of the entire family and developing relationships with each member of the family allows Dr. Wheatcroft to be able to offer counseling on lifestyle changes in an effort to help prevent illness or injury before they occur as well as treat existing conditions with full knowledge. By serving the whole family, Dr. Wheatcroft is able to provide a much richer patient-doctor relationship. Research has proven that families who have an ongoing relationship with their doctor have better overall health & activity levels, lower rates of injury, and lower total cost of healthcare.

Dr. Wheatcroft is a passionate advocate of non-pharmaceutical treatment methods. Though it is true that we sometimes need medications, often times there is a treatment alternative to long-term or life-long need of drugs or surgery. Dr. Wheatcroft will work with you to assess if tools such as Graston Technique, Vax-D Spinal Decompression, Foot Levelers Orthodics/Sole Support Orthodics, and ongoing chiropractic treatment could benefit your condition or symptoms.

Our mission is to see you and your family living your fullest life as soon as possible. Come in for a free consultation today to see if we can help you!